Distinguishing Between Scam Bookmakers and Reputable Bookmakers in Online Footba

  • Distinguishing Between Scam Bookmakers and Reputable Bookmakers in Online Footba

    Posted by hami on June 6, 2024 at 4:59 am

    Online football betting has become increasingly popular, attracting numerous participants who seek the thrill and potential profits associated with the game. However, due to a lack of experience, many newcomers often fall prey to fraudulent bookmakers. These deceptive websites tarnish the reputation of online betting, leading to negative perceptions. This comprehensive guide win tips aims to help you differentiate between scam bookmakers and reputable ones, ensuring you can engage in safe and reliable online football betting.

    Understanding Scam Bookmakers and Their Objectives

    Who are the Scam Bookmakers? What are Their Goals?

    Scam bookmakers are entities that lack the necessary gambling licenses issued by competent authorities. These bookmakers often have ambiguous addresses and primarily offer support through phone numbers and links within Vietnam. Given that Vietnamese law has not yet legalized football betting, any local bookmaker (usually with domains ending in .vn or .net) is considered a scam. These websites are set up by local operators who make it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for you to withdraw your winnings, often resulting in significant financial loss.

    Scam bookmakers frequently use tactics such as promising a winning rate above 90% to lure players. They may also offer deposit promotions that multiply your money by 200% to 500%. Some even allow post-paid deposits and then hire debt collectors to recover the money. It is crucial to remain vigilant and not fall for these schemes out of greed.

    The ultimate goal of these scam bookmakers is to embezzle the deposited money. If the player loses the bet, the bookmaker keeps the money; if the player wins, the bookmaker refuses to pay out.

    Signs of a Scam Bookmaker

    Unclear Address: Scam bookmakers do not have a clear physical address.

    Lack of Licensing: These bookmakers do not possess a legitimate gambling license and have ambiguous operational details.

    List of Known Scam Bookmakers

    sbet168.vn: Domain ending in “.vn” is a red flag. This website is currently inactive.

    v79bet: This site imitates v9bet and has an unclear address.

    bong789: With multiple domain endings such as .domain, .org, .net, all of which are scams.

    lucky2u: Collaborating with this bookmaker might be fine if you win, but losing can cause significant trouble.

    sbobet, ibet, 3in1bet: Particularly avoid these sites.

    Additionally, Sportsbookreview has compiled a blacklist of fraudulent online football betting bookmakers and their scam methods.

    How to Avoid Scam Bookmakers

    Use Security Solutions with Anti-Phishing Features: Implement security measures to protect against fraud.

    Verify Legitimacy: Contact the company through its official website to ensure it is legitimate.

    Avoid Clicking Direct Links: Do not click on direct advertisement links from websites or spam emails.

    Manually Enter Addresses: Always manually type the web address into the browser’s address bar.

    Check the Address Bar: Ensure the domain name is correct after the page loads.

    Avoid Public Wi-Fi for Sensitive Information: Do not enter sensitive data when using public Wi-Fi.

    Do Not Provide Personal Information if in Doubt: If unsure about a website’s authenticity, do not share your personal details.

    Be Cautious of New Bookmakers: Exercise caution with newly established bookmakers online.

    Important Note

    Be extremely cautious with websites selling football betting tips. In Vietnam, sites claiming to offer tips with 80%, 90%, or 100% accuracy are scams. Acceptable tips might be around 70% accuracy for a fee of 2,000,000 VND per tip.

    Identifying Reputable Bookmakers

    Characteristics of Reputable Bookmakers

    Reputable bookmakers are those with valid gambling licenses. In Vietnam, it is advisable to choose Asian-based bookmakers for online football betting. These bookmakers often support the Vietnamese language and offer payment services in VND, use .com domains, and are encrypted using SSL protocols (starting with https://). In general, a reputable bookmaker will meet all stringent criteria set by players when selecting a internet bookmaker.

    Reputable bookmakers continuously update their information and provide enthusiastic support and consultation to their members.

    List of Reputable Bookmakers




    These top bookmakers hold licenses issued by the Isle of Man, valid in most countries, and comply with international betting laws. Vietnamese police have no jurisdiction over these websites, ensuring that online bettors can confidently provide their real information.

    Advice for Choosing a Football Betting Bookmaker

    You can consult various sources of information about bookmakers online, but be aware that these reviews are often written by players themselves. Some players might not provide enough information to verify their accounts, leading to issues with withdrawing money and resulting in unjustified frustration.

    Choose a bookmaker you trust the most and provide all your personal information. Don’t worry, as it will be 100% secure. Providing accurate and complete information will greatly assist you in the process of depositing, transferring, and withdrawing money.


    This guide has outlined the key differences between scam bookmakers and reputable ones, offering practical advice on how to avoid fraudulent sites and choose reliable nba betting site philippines. By following these guidelines, you can enjoy a safe and trustworthy online football betting experience.

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